Real Fruit Sorbets

Real Fruit Sorbets

Fruit Ice Creams

All the pleasures of Ice Cream minus the Calories and Guilt! Created from 100% Real, Natural Fruits, these Low-Fat, Frozen Fruit Treats are so much healthier than your average Ice-Cream. Our Sorbets contain no Milk, Animal Fat, Gelatin or any Artificial Preservatives, making it the perfect choice for Vegans. Go on! Satisfy your Sweet Tooth, without packing on the pounds!

Available Flavors

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100% Vegan Real Fruit Sorbets made from Fresh Fruits - Mango, Pomegranate, Banana, Coconut Ice Cream - Smoothie Bar Juice Bar serves Smoothies and Cold Pressed Fruit Juices that are Fresh & Natural and Sorbets, Gelato, Vegan Drinks, Sandwich, Burgers, Sausage Croissants & Caprese. We have several Detox, Weight Loss, Naturopathy, Diabetic & Juice Cleanse Programmes. We are a 100% Vegetarian Cafe that serve Vegan Salads, Breakfast Bowls, Healthy Snacks, Green Juices. We are the top rated restaurant & Cafe in Pondicherry & Auroville for Healthy Food in Pondicherry, Auroville, Puducherry which is famous for French Food, Cheese, Finger Food, Sandwich, Pizza, Deserts & Burgers. We are one of the best top restaurants in Auroville for Bakery, Bread, Breakfast, Chocolate, Lunch & Dinner. We serve the best Vegan Food Cafe in Auroville.