Healthy Smoothies

Made with 100% Real, Whole Fruits and other Superfood ingredients like Nuts and Seeds, these Nutrient-rich, Sugar-free drinks are the perfect healthy alternative to the Calorie-dense Milkshakes. We’ve got the WHOLE Fruit in there; so you’ll be full for longer and binge no more! Your go-to healthy breakfast, afternoon pick-me-up or even an energizing evening snack!

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Real Fruit Smoothies made with Fresh and Natural Fruits - Smoothie Bar Juice Bar serves Smoothies and Cold Pressed Fruit Juices that are Fresh & Natural and Sorbets, Gelato, Vegan Drinks, Sandwich, Burgers, Sausage Croissants & Caprese. We have several Detox, Weight Loss, Naturopathy, Diabetic & Juice Cleanse Programmes. We are a 100% Vegetarian Cafe that serve Vegan Salads, Breakfast Bowls, Healthy Snacks, Green Juices. We are the top rated restaurant & Cafe in Pondicherry & Auroville for Healthy Food in Pondicherry, Auroville, Puducherry which is famous for French Food, Cheese, Finger Food, Sandwich, Pizza, Deserts & Burgers. We are one of the best top restaurants in Auroville for Bakery, Bread, Breakfast, Chocolate, Lunch & Dinner. We serve the best Vegan Food Cafe in Auroville.