Smoothie Drink

WHAM! KA-BOOM!! Millets, Almond Milk and Honey go on a rampage and smash Obesity, Diabetes and Cholesterol on the face! No one messes with the HULK!

What's in it

Millet Mix, Almond Milk, Honey, Banana.

Rs. 120 / 320 ml

Why it's good for me

  • Rich in Quercetin, Curcumin, Ellagic acid, and various other beneficial Catechinswhich help to detoxify the Kidney and Liver by promoting proper Excretion and neutralizing enzymatic activity in those organs.
  • Acts as a Prebiotic feeding microflora in your inner ecosystem
  • Serotonin in millet can help calm your mood.
  • Great source of fibre which reduces the risk of Breast Cancer in women and reduces the bad LDL Cholesterol
  • Good source of 1. Magnesium: help reduce the effects of Migraines, Heart Attacks and type 2 Diabetes and 2. Niacin (Vitamin B3): help lower cholesterol.
    Almond Milk
  • Great Dairy-free, Vegan substitute for Cow’s Milk which helps in Weight control.
  • Contains no Cholesterol or Saturated Fat, is low in Sodium and high in healthy fats (like Omega Fatty Acids) which helps to prevent high Blood Pressure and Heart Disease.
  • Reduces your risk for Diabetes, as it is doesn’t increase your Blood Sugar levels due to its low Carbohydrate content
  • Contains Iron and Riboflavin, which are important for Muscle growth and healing.
  • Rich in 1. Vitamin E: reduces the levels of oxidized LDL Cholesterol & prevents Heart Disease, 2. Calcium: essential for healthy Teeth and Bones and 3. Vitamin A: essential for improved Vision
  • Acts as a Probiotic due to the presence of large amounts of Gut- friendly bacteria
  • Contains AntioxidantFlavonoids, which help reduce the risk of some Cancers, Heart Disease and prevent Cognitive decline and Dementia
  • Is Anti-bacterial and helps prevent disorders such as Ulcers and Bacterial Gastroenteritis
  • Has a low Glycemic Index and can help regulate Blood Sugar
  • Acts as a Demulcent which helps alleviate Cough due to the Honey acting as a protective film over the throat.
  • Honey acts as catalyst in releasing Serotonin which is converted to Melatonin- a chemical that helps your body sleep.
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