Hangover Healer

Hangover Healer

Cold Pressed Juice

Recover Healing

Your head still reeling from all the booze last night? We’ve got you covered! This rare fusion of Tomato, Celery, Spinach & Carrot will flush out those toxins, calm you down and help you back on your feet. Party people, you’re welcome!

What's in it

Tomato, Celery, Spinach, Carrot.

Rs. 130 / 320 ml

Why it's good for me

  • Loaded with the Antioxidant Lycopene which 1. Defends the body against Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Stomach and Rectum cancer and Pharynx and Oesophageal Cancer and 2. Reduces the bad LDL Cholesterol and protects against Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Abundant source of 1. Vitamin K, which is essential in Blood Clotting and controls bleeding, 2. Vitamin A, which aids in improving Vision, as well as in preventing Night-Blindness and Macular Degeneration 3. Potassium which reduces Blood Pressure
  • Contains Coumaric acid and Chlorogenic acid, that fight against Nitrosamines which are produced in the body and are the main carcinogens found in cigarettes.
  • Keeps the digestive system healthy by preventing Constipation and Diarrhoea and also provides relief from gallbladder disease such as Gallstones.
  • Aids in maintaining healthy Teeth, Bones, Hair and Skin.
  • Can get your sugar levels up after alcohol consumption as tomato juice contains good doses of simple sugars
  • Contains various compounds such as: 1. 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh) that has Cholesterol-lowering effects, 2. Phtalides which dilate the blood vessels thereby reducing Blood Pressure
  • Impressive source of Anti-cancer compounds such as 1. Acetylenics - effective in stopping the growth of tumor cells, 2. Phenolic Acids - block the action of Prostaglandins that encourage the growth of tumor cells and 3. Coumarins - help prevent free radicals from damaging cells.
  • Contains a range of Antioxidant Phenolic Acids as Caffeic acid and Ferulic acid, plus Flavanols like Quercetin that lowers Inflammation and reduces risk of diseases like Gout, Kidney and Liver infections, Skin disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Urinary Tract Infections
  • Contains a special type of Ethanol extract that is useful in protecting the lining of the digestive tract from Ulcers.
  • Contains Potassium and Vitamins which regulates the body fluid and stimulates urine production, thereby flushing out the toxins from the body. Also contains Calcium and Magnesium that have a calming effect on the Central Nervous System and is thus a perfect Hangover remedy.
  • Excellent source of 1. Beta- carotene, Lutein and Xanthine which keep diseases like Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration at bay, 2. Potassium and Folate which reduces the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and 3. Vitamin K and minerals like Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorus which help in building up of strong Bones
  • Contains 1. An Antioxidant component called factor C0-Q10, which can prevent Cardiovascular diseases like Hyperlipidemia, Heart failure, Hypertension and Coronary Heart disease, 2. Thylakoid which can curb cravings and hunger which can further help in Weight Loss and 3. Glycoglycerolipids which can boost the strength of the digestive tract lining, reduce inflammation and decrease the occurrence of Gastric Ulcer
  • Abundance of Anti-inflammatory compounds such as Methylenedioxyflavonol glucuronides which protects the Heart from dangerous Inflammation, prevents Cancer and reduces the Inflammation and pain from conditions like Arthritis and Gout
  • Prevents and treats Cancer due to the presence of various constituents like Folate,Tocopherol, Chlorophyllinand Carotenoids like Epoxyxanthophylls, Neoxanthin and Violaxanthin
  • Loaded with Sulphur and Vitamin C that help ward off Hangover symptoms.
  • Rich in Beta-carotene which is converted to Vitamin A in the liver and has been shown to protect against Macular Degeneration and Senile Cataracts.
  • Apart from Beta-carotene, Carrots also contain Alpha-carotene and Lutein which can reduce the risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Falcarinol - a natural pesticide produced by the Carrot that protects its roots from fungal diseases- can lower the risk of Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer.
  • Contains Coumarin which has been linked to reducing Hypertension and protecting your Heart health
  • Rich in Vitamin A which is good for improving Eyesight and preventing conditions like Night Blindness
  • Carrots stimulate Gums and trigger a lot of saliva, which balances out the acid-forming, cavity-forming bacteria, due to its alkaline nature. The minerals in Carrots prevent Tooth Damage.
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