Dr Who

Dr. Who?

Smoothie Drink

Forget those trips to the Doctor. Just go on a date with this Dates, Apple and Sapota based Smoothie. Not only will it tingle your taste buds, this fibre-rich Smoothie will do wonders for your Heart, Brain, Bones and Gut!

What's in it

Apple, Sapota, Dates, Banana, Whole Milk.

Rs. 130 / 320 ml

Why it's good for me

  • Loaded with Polyphenols which have Antioxidant effects, increase Immunity, Detoxify Cancer-causing agents and repair cell damage.
  • Contains Flavanoids such as : 1. Quercetin which helps regulate Immune responses and protect against Asthma, 2. Epicatechin which lowers Blood Pressure, 3. Pectin which feeds the good gut bacteria and thus protects against Obesity, Heart Disease and type 2 Diabetes,4. Chlorogenic Acid which lowers Blood Sugar and cause weight loss and 5. Catechin which improves Brain and Muscle function
  • Rich in soluble fibre which 1. Delays absorption of sugar in your small intestine and may lower your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and 2. Keeps you full for longer, moderates Blood Sugar levels and promotes colon health
  • Apple Phytonutrients can protect against Cancers of the Lungs and Colon
  • Contains Polyphenols called Tannins which possess astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic effects.
  • Rich in Calcium, Zinc and Manganese which are essential for healthy Bones and Muscles
  • Plenty of dietary fibre which promotes healthy Bowel movements
  • Fights off Anemia with its high iron content
  • Source of Selenium, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium to give you strong Bones and keep Osteoporosis at bay
  • Contains Potassium which reduces the risk of Stroke and other heart related diseases and also keeps your Brain sharp
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