The Smoothie Bar Difference

  • No Refined Sugar

    We take pride in the fact that NONE of our drinks contain any Refined Sugar. Not even, a teeny bit! So you can be sure you’re not packing in those “Empty Calories” that provide no nutrition whatsoever. Refined Sugar can lead to many health problems like Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and even Cancer. And we sure don’t want those, now do we?

  • 100% Natural - No Syrups, Preservatives or Artificial Flavouring Agents

    Our drinks are guaranteed 100% natural and fresh. Preservatives and Taste Enhancers?? That’s a Big NO NO for us! (Who needs Artificial Flavouring Agents and Syrups that are loaded with chemicals, when you can have Nature’s best in your drink? All the flavour in our drinks is derived from naturally sweet ingredients that we use.) / (We use naturally sweet ingredients in our drinks, which eliminates the need to use any Preservatives or Artificial Flavouring Agents that are loaded with chemicals.) So you don’t have to think twice before you gulp down our Smoothies, Cold-Pressed Juices and Sorbets.

  • Freshest Ingredients

    100% Fresh and Locally Sourced Ingredients, All the time! If it’s not fresh, it’s not coming to your table. Period. We take immense care in sourcing only the Best Quality, Freshest Local produce to ensure that our drinks and food are Healthy and full of flavour.

  • Vegan and Dairy-Free Options

    Vegans and Lactose-intolerants! Fret not!! We’ve got plenty of Vegan and Dairy-free options to satisfy your cravings. Our Sorbets are made from Real Fruits and have absolutely no Milk or Animal Fat in them. We also have Vegan alternatives for most of our Smoothies.

  • Cold-Pressed

    All our juices are Cold-Pressed using a Hydraulic Cold-Press Juicer (Masticating Juicer). Now, why do we do this? Simple. The Traditional Juicers a.k.a. Centrifugal Juicers operate at high speeds, generate a LOT of heat which oxidises and pretty much "kills" all the essential nutrients in the produce. A Cold-Press Juicer on the other hand, gently applies thousands of pounds of Pressureto squeeze out the maximum amount of liquid, without producing any heat. The Result: Power-packed Juice that’s brimming withNutrients and Vitamins and tastes better than any other juice you’ve ever had!

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